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Craig Primas is a Professional landscape, nature, scenic, stock, fine art, body of work photographer based in Southern Utah. He travels the Continental United States, including the American Southwest, Mexico and Europe on assignments to create fine art imagery.

Craig Primas has been capturing photographic images for over 30 years. An avid outdoorsman, Mr. Primas has witnessed through personal adventure, the beauty, complexities, ironies and conflicts of the natural and man-altered environment. Working with conventional film media as well as digital imaging, Mr. Primas practices several styles of photography to present what he calls his “interpretation of moments in time”.

Craig Primas is based in Las Vegas, NV and Duck Creek Village, UT. He is available for world-wide assignments.


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About me

Craig Primas started with serious photography in the 1970’s.

The Artist is IN

 “I spent a lot of time outdoors in the natural environment, and still do. My eyes have always been open to the beauty and wonders of the landscape. I remember, as a youth, being enamored with the sights I saw: the woods, clouds, the light and the sunsets. I was in love with the sunset. Sunsets offer so much and are yet so fleeting. Even though I started very young with photographing my family, it wasn’t until I was older and more dependent that I committed to photography seriously. So I bought a Nikkormat FT2 and was off and running; my dog and I.
“In landscapes, or shooting with natural light, it is the “moment in time” that intrigues me. To capture that instant with the combination of light, perspective, movement and mood is what makes every image an original piece. Of course, presenting that image in a manner and form that communicates your interpretation is important. But the image is still there. And you can’t capture the same image again. The moment is gone except what you caught on film; the light has changed or your vision has been altered by what has influenced you within the next moments. In a way it is sad, to think that that moment in time has passed. But it is also very exciting because the visions are infinite.”

Craig now shoots with both film and digital; 35mm, medium and large format cameras; color and black and white; until he discovers the optimum medium to communicate his vision of the “moment in time”.

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